Jeroboam enticed Israel away from following the Lord and caused them to commit a great sin…. (2 Ki 17:21).

Church, please, wake up. For the sake of the generations coming after us, we must. It goes without saying that our world is in a very dark and confusing place. I cannot recall a time in my life when the political and social climate has been so tense and divided. When I scroll through my newsfeed I see many of my own Christian friends landing on opposite sides of the fence, vehemently defending their position. I find that to be so exhausting.

Sometimes, as I scroll through, I wonder where Christ is seated among us? Have we even allowed Him to be in His rightful place or have we replaced Him with politics? If we long for deliverance from this place, then why have we not repented of our foolish ways and returned to Him?

It goes without saying that every nation that fell away from God, fell right along with their dismissal of Him.

Here’s the bottom line, the President will not save you. Nor will any other future president from any other political party. Only God can restore our country. I hear so many people saying, but if so and so gets elected or re-elected the nation will fall! Can’t you see, dear friend, political leaders are simply a distraction from the real issue at hand- the human heart.

Yes, your heart and mine. The problem is not with someone else, the problem is with the one staring back at you in the mirror every day. That person is your biggest problem. The person who does not know how to love. The person who feels justified in their thoughts and actions. The person who gets angry at the republicans, the democrats, the… get the idea. That person who, by their own actions, causes further division.

Jesus came to bring people together. His message was one of unity, togetherness, and love.

Why in the midst of this coronavirus are people not flocking to the church? Why are they instead flocking to other places and systems for relief? Should they not be flooding our churches? Could it be that we have allowed so much of what our country defines itself by in this current climate to define us too, and so now they want nothing to do with us because politics has become their god as well?

Jesus used humility to save humanity. He was the power of God on display. He was and still is the light of the world. He draws all men to Himself. He longs to use His people to do the same, but she must wake up and return once more to her first love and repent.

I am asking God to search my heart in this heavy place in our world and I would encourage you to do the same. It is very telling to me that people are not flocking to the churches for answers. That tells me that it’s quite possible that many of those residing within her walls have stopped being a lamp on a stand and a city on a hill. Oh Lord, forgive us, we need transformed hearts.

If you want this climate in our world, then you must be willing to change yourself. Yes, you, please, do it now for the sake of the generations coming after us. A return to the Lord is our only hope. Turn and be restored to your maker. The evil among us is real and heavy, but God is the victor and He can bring us relief.

Lord, forgive us for our foolish, selfish ways. We have fallen so far from you and your grace. You are the true and only healer. Heal us and our nation, we pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

Published by Heather Quiroz

Heather is a child of God She is fiercely passionate about God's word and lives to make Jesus known. She comes alive when sharing from God's word to groups and would love to share with your youth or women's ministry.

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